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Why Travel With Jalaluddin Travel & Services Pte Ltd?

Our team is dedicated with providing the best service for our customers. From Mecca to Madinah to Morocco, we strive to offer our customers an ease of mind pre, during and post departure.

When planning to perform your Umrah/ Haj, why look anywhere else?

  • CAREFULLY crafted packages

    Our planning team carefully picks the date, arrange the movement of travel and even look into the date as well as time of departure that will benefit and ease our customers.

    We will never leave anyone behind. Our Umrah/Haj customers are guided throughout every stage of your Umrah/Haj. We appoint experienced mutawwif to lead each group in their religious obligations.
  • VERIFIED reviews & photos

    Want to know what our customers have to say? Rest assured in the testimonials and photos shared by our customers who have “tried & tested” our service. There are also loyal customers who return to us for their Umrah every year.
  • Religious & spiritual SATISFACTION

    Our female pilgrims are accompanied by an experienced guide to perform their prayers in Raudah (Garden in Heaven), Madinah. They will be taught to recite du’as and given the opportunity to perform their prayers in Raudah.
  • TRANSPARENT package & cost

    What we offer is what you get. No additional amount to be paid to get “what is promised”. Our Umrah/Haj packages are full-board (three meals a day), inclusive of flight, accommodation, land transportation and guide.