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A meaningful pilgrimage, Umrah Plus Ziarah

There is so much Islamic history just waiting to be unearthed by travelling. Places significant in Islamic history — whether it be Cordoba in Spain, or Petra in Jordan — allows us to come closer to our roots, our past and our heritage. It is only by knowing where we came from, can we truly know where we are travelling to.

Umrah Plus Ziarah PACKAGES


Discover historic myth, Islamic essence and contemporary relevance of the cities you are about to venture.

28 Sep 201928-SEP-19 13H UMRAH+BMQ SGD 4590FILLING FAST!View More
20 Oct 201920-OCT-19 15H UMRAH+BMQ,PETRA SGD 4690FILLING FAST!View More
27 Nov 201927-NOV-19 15H UMRAH+BMQ,PETRA SGD 4890FILLING FAST!View More
30 Nov 201930-NOV-19 14H UMRAH+TURKI SGD 4570AVAILABLEView More
30 Nov 201930-NOV-19 16H UMRAH+MAGHRIBI SGD 4850AVAILABLEView More
1 Dec 201901-DEC-19 16H UMRAH+ANDALUSIA SGD 5250AVAILABLEView More
3 Dec 201903-DEC-19 15H UMRAH+BMQ SGD 4995AVAILABLEView More
4 Dec 201904-DEC-19 16H UMRAH+LONDON SGD 5350AVAILABLEView More
7 Dec 201907-DEC-19 14H UMRAH+TURKI SGD 4570FILLING FAST!View More
13 Dec 201913-DEC-19 16H UMRAH+ANDALUSIA SGD 5250AVAILABLEView More
17 Dec 201917-DEC-19 14H UMRAH+TURKI SGD 4570AVAILABLEView More
17 Dec 201917-DEC-19 15H UMRAH+BMQ,PETRA SGD 5300AVAILABLEView More
20 Dec 201920-DEC-19 14H UMRAH+BMQ SGD 4850AVAILABLEView More

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Hjh Halimah & Hj Jumat buat yang terbaik dalam menjaga jemaah. Good efforts seen to take care of sick jemaah, sacrificing their own rest.